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Veteran Resources

Resources to guide veterans, past and present, in various materials such as mental health, VA clinics, education, job finding, resume writing, service dogs, and more.

Federal Benefits

What Every Veteran Should Know

Veterans Information Service (Editor)

Call Number: 362.86097 WHAT 2023
ISBN: 9780960088737
Publication Date: 2023-02-23


Veterans Benefits Guide for Dummies

by Angie Papple Johnston

Call Number: 331.25291 JOHNSTON 2023
ISBN: 9781119907619
Publication Date: 2022-11-01

Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors

by Government Publications Office (Editor)

Call Number: 362.86 FEDERAL 2021
ISBN: 9780160955778
Publication Date: 2022-01-14

Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors. 2015 Supplement.

by Veterans Affairs Department (Editor)

Call Number: 362.8609 FEDERAL
ISBN: 9780160929953
Publication Date: 2015-11-12


Hiring Veterans: How to Leverage Military Talent for Organizational Growth

by Matthew J. Louis; Anthony R. Garcia (Contribution); Mark Elliott (Foreword)

Call Number: 362.86097 LOUIS 2023
ISBN: 9781632652096
Publication Date: 2023-09-01

Federal Resume Guidebook, 7th Edition, Print Book

by Kathryn Troutman (Editor-In-Chief)

Call Number: 650.142 TROUTMAN 2020
ISBN: 9781733407601
Publication Date: 2020-01-01

How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job

by Lily Madeleine Whiteman; Eleanor Holmes Norton (Foreword)

Call Number: 351.73023 WHITEMAN 2012
ISBN: 9780814420225
Publication Date: 2012-06-13

Getting a Government Job

by Peterson's

Call Number: 351.73023 GETTING
ISBN: 9780768927962
Publication Date: 2009-11-16

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Government Jobs

by Partnership for Public Service Staff

Call Number: 351.73023 COMPLETE
ISBN: 9781592579792
Publication Date: 2010-05-04

Find Your Federal Job Fit

by J. Ruck

Call Number: 351.73023 RUCK
ISBN: 9781593578343
Publication Date: 2011-11-01

Military Transition for Dummies

by Angie Papple Johnston

Call Number: 331.702 JOHNSTON 2021
ISBN: 9781119824787
Publication Date: 2021-09-15

Operation Job Search

by John Henry Weiss

Call Number: 650.10869 WEISS 2016
ISBN: 9781634505635
Publication Date: 2016-02-16

Mission Transition

by Matthew J. Louis

Call Number: 650.14086 LOUIS 2019
ISBN: 9781400214754
Publication Date: 2019-09-24

150 Best Jobs for the Military-To-Civilian Transition

by Laurence Shatkin

Call Number: 650.14 SHATKIN 2013
ISBN: 9781593579296
Publication Date: 2012-09-01

Modernize Your Resume-2nd Edition

by Wendy Enelow; Louise Kursmark

Call Number: 650.142 ENELOW 2019
ISBN: 9780996680325
Publication Date: 2019-01-15

From the Army to College

by Jillian Ventrone; Paul Karczewski

Call Number: 378.198 VENTRONE
ISBN: 9780810895201
Publication Date: 2017-10-30

Out of Uniform

by Tom Wolfe

Call Number: 650.14086 WOLFE
ISBN: 9781640120006
Publication Date: 2018-04-01

Mental Health

Field Exercises

by Stephanie Westlund

Call Number: 616.85212 WESTLUND
ISBN: 9780865717619
Publication Date: 2014-06-01

After the War Zone

by Matthew J. Friedman; Laurie B. Slone

Call Number: 616.85212 SLONE
ISBN: 9781600940545
Publication Date: 2008-05-13

Homefront 911

by Stacy Bannerman

Call Number: 362.86309 BANNERMAN
ISBN: 9781628725698
Publication Date: 2015-10-06

Soul Repair

by Rita Nakashima Brock; Gabriella Lettini

Call Number: 174.9355 BROCK
ISBN: 9780807029077
Publication Date: 2012-11-06

Birds of a Feather

by Lorin Lindner

Call Number: 616.89165 LINDNER
ISBN: 9781250132635
Publication Date: 2018-05-15

The Burn Pits

by Joseph Hickman; Jesse Ventura (Foreword)

all Number: 616.24 HICKMAN
ISBN: 9781510705739
Publication Date: 2016-02-16

Walking the Medicine Wheel

by David Kopacz; Joseph Rael

Call Number: 616.85 KOPACZ 2016
ISBN: 9781937462321
Publication Date: 2016-07-31

Courage after Fire

by Paula Domenici; Keith Armstrong; Suzanne Best

Call Number: 616.85212 ARMSTRONG 2006
ISBN: 9781569755136
Publication Date: 2005-12-12

What Have We Done

by David Wood

Call Number: 616.85212 WOOD 2016
ISBN: 9780316264150
Publication Date: 2016-11-01

Fields of Combat

by Erin P. Finley

Call Number: 616.85212 FINLEY
ISBN: 9780801449802
Publication Date: 2011-04-07


American Veterans on War

by Elise Forbes Tripp

Call Number: 355.00922 TRIPP
ISBN: 9781566568678
Publication Date: 2011-11-01

Once a Warrior

by Jake Wood

Call Number: 363.348 WOOD 2020
ISBN: 9780593189351
Publication Date: 2020-11-10

Wheels of Courage

by David Davis

Call Number: 796.3238 DAVIS 2020
ISBN: 9781546084648
Publication Date: 2020-08-25

They Were Soldiers

by Joseph L. Galloway; Marvin J. Wolf

Call Number: 959.70434 GALLOWAY 2020
ISBN: 9781400208807
Publication Date: 2020-05-12

Front Toward Enemy

by Daniel R. Green

Call Number: 355.0092 GREEN BIOGRAPHY 2021
ISBN: 9781538142189
Publication Date: 2021-11-20

Soldiers Don't Go Mad

by Charles Glass

Call Number: 616.85212 GLASS 2023
ISBN: 9781984877956
Publication Date: 2023-06-06

The Untold War

by Nancy Sherman

Call Number: 355.0019 SHERMAN
ISBN: 9780393064810
Publication Date: 2010-03-01

Why Soldiers Miss War

by Nolan Peterson

Call Number: 355 PETERSON
ISBN: 9781612007731
Publication Date: 2019-10-14

By Honor Bound

by Tom Norris; Mike Thornton; Dick Couch

Call Number: 959.70434 NORRIS
ISBN: 9781250070593
Publication Date: 2016-05-17

In the Company of Heroes

by James Kitfield

Call Number: 956.7044 KETFIELD 2021
ISBN: 9781546085799
Publication Date: 2021-08-31


by James D. Hornfischer (As told to); Marcus Luttrell

Call Number: 956.70443 LUTTRELL
ISBN: 9780316185363
Publication Date: 2012-05-08

The Invisible Wounds of War

by Marguerite Guzman Bouvard

Call Number: 362.25 BOUVARD
ISBN: 9781616145538
Publication Date: 2012-07-24

National Native American Veterans Memorial

by NMAI; Rebecca Trautmann (Contribution)

Call Number: 725.94097 NATIONAL 2022
ISBN: 9781588347183
Publication Date: 2022-11-01

Life after Deployment

by Karen Pavlicin

Call Number: 355.12097 PAVLICIN
ISBN: 9780965748377
Publication Date: 2007-01-01

The Military Marriage Manual

by Janelle B. Moore; Cheryl Lawhorne-Scott; Don Philpott

Call Number: 355.129 HILL
ISBN: 9781605907000
Publication Date: 2010-11-16

The Wounded Warrior Handbook

by Janelle B. Moore; Cheryl Lawhorne-Scott; Don Philpott

Call Number: 362.10869 HILL
ISBN: 9781605907383
Publication Date: 2011-12-29