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Veteran Resources

Resources to guide veterans, past and present, in various materials such as mental health, VA clinics, education, job finding, resume writing, service dogs, and more.

Veteran Employment Directory

Apply for a Discharge Upgrade:
Phone: 1-800-698-2411

San Antonio Public Library Learn: https:
Phone: 210-207-2574

Military & Veterans Services: 
Phone: 210-335-2258

City of San Antonio Career Center:
Customer Support Help Desk Phone: 1-855-524-5627

OnWard OPS  (ETS Program):

nPower Texas:
Phone: 830-321-4401
Free Training

American GI Forum National Veterans Outreach:
Phone: 210-248-9933
For Vets and Family

Texas Military Department Jobs:

Disabled American Veterans (DAV):
Phone: 210-699-5064
Phone: 210-706-8048
Phone: 1-877-246-2838

Texas Veterans Commission (TVC):
Phone: 512-463-6564
Phone: 1-800-252-8387

Texas Work Force Commission (TWC):
Phone: 1-888-838-8391

Veterans Employment Services:
Phone: 1-866-237-0275

Fusion Cell:
Phone: 603-893-0419

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Outreach Events

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Outreach Events

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veteran Resources

VA News Veteran Resources

Veteran Readiness and Employment (Ch. 31):
Phone: 1-800-698-2411 

The Texas Work Force Commission:
Phone: 1-800-628-5115

U.S. Bureau of labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook Handbook:

O-Net Online: military information, resources, and more:

O-Net Interests profiler:  Matches your interests with civilian jobs:

For general information, mailing addresses, Internet addresses, accounts, how to use the online fee payment management system and contact information for other USPTO services.

The United States Postal Service Office (USPTO):
Phone (Toll-Free): 1-800-786-9199
Phone (Local): 571-272-1000
Phone (TTY/TDD): 800-877-8339

Veteran Readiness and employment (Voc-Rehab):
VA Ch. 31 
Phone: 1-800-698-2411

Texas Workforce Commission Location Finder:
Phone: 1-800-628-5115
Find the closest employment off near you. Veteran friendly.

Military and Veterans Services Center
Phone: 210-335-6775 

Career One Stop - Veteran and Military Transition Center:

Career Pro-Plus - Why Should I Apply for Federal Jobs After the Military?: - Veterans and military Spouses:

FBI Jobs - Military and Veterans:

Federal Jobs for Veterans with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement:

FEMA - Veterans and military Spouses:

Government Jobs Listings:

Hire Heroes USA:

Hire Military:

Indeed - 11 Effective Tips To Get a Federal Job After the Military:

Military Officer Association of America MOAA:

Military to Civilian:

Phone: 800-698-2411

Put Veterans to Work:

Real Jobs for Veterans:

Texas Work Force Commission - Just for Veterans:

TAO Online:

US Department of Justice:

US Department of Labor - Veterans’ and Military Spouses Employment Opportunities:

US Office of Personnel Management (OPM):



USAJOBS Department of Defense:

​VA GOV - Careers at VA:

Veteran Life - The Best Government Jobs for Veterans After the Military:

Veteran and Military Spouse Talent Engagement Program VMSTEP:

VetsHQ - Federal Hiring for Veterans:

Vets Hired:

Welcome to the VetJobs & Military Spouse Jobs Talent Community!: