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Veteran Resources

Resources to guide veterans, past and present, in various materials such as mental health, VA clinics, education, job finding, resume writing, service dogs, and more.

Veterans Experiencing Homelessness

According to the December 2023 Annual Homeless Assessment Report that was released by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), There are approximately 35, 574 Homeless veterans nationwide with an estimated 2,036 homeless veterans that live in Texas. Providing resource assistance to this community is an essential priority for the San Antonio Public Library (SAPL). We provide employment assistance through SAPL’s learn department, VA mental health resources, hygiene resources, shelter resources, VA education resources, legal aid, mental health resources, and more.

Homeless Resources Directory

Types of Veteran ID cards:
Phone: 1-800-698-2411 

San Antonio Community Resource Directory:
City Resources for the San Antonio Community

Mental Health Unit (SA-Core):
San Antonio Mental Health Crisis Program

Veterans' Employment and Training Service 
Phone: 1-866-237-0275 

Housing and Urban Development-VA Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH):
Phone: 210-477-6000
Phone: 210-616-9915
Phone: 210-225-0071

American GI Forum NVOP:
Phone: 210-223-4970

VA Programs for At-Risk Veterans and Their Families:
Phone: 1-877-424-3838

VA Homeless Programs:

American GI Forum National Veterans outreach:
Phone: 210-248-9933
For Vets and Family

Rapid Rehousing:
Phone: 210-340-0302 

Opportunity Home San Antonio:
Phone: 210-477-6000

National Call Center for Homeless Veterans 
Phone: 877-424-3838

Transitional Housing 
Phone: 210-979-6188