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Individual pages for each author listing series order and suggesting readalikes.

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If you would like to read more about Christianity . . .

   If you enjoyed the information about the early Christian church or found the idea of reimagining Christ's life provocative and would like to learn more, take a look at these non-fiction titles.

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Meet: Dan Brown

   Unquestionably Dan Brown is best known for his 2003 best-selling novel, The Da Vinci code.

   The Da Vinci code, second in Brown's series about Robert Langdon, features religious symbolism, ancient beliefs, secret societies, contemporary political intrigue involving both religious and secular governments, and art.

Bibliography/Series info

Author of a handful of novels, Dan Brown has only one series.

If you liked the religious conspiracy with a helping of history . . .

If you liked the historical or artistic puzzles . . .

If you enjoyed the history, the conspiracies, and the fast pace . . .

   If you enjoyed the combination of history and conspiracies (religious and otherwise) combined with the fast paced action of Dan Brown's books, consider these historical thrillers.

If you liked the religious conspiracy . . .

   If you enjoyed the religous conspiracy aspect of Brown's Langdon books, but don't really care about the historical elements, take a look at these titles.

If you were intrigued by a different view of women's role in the early church . . .

   If you were interested by Brown's nontraditional presentation of the roles of women in the early Christian church, take a look at these novels and non-fiction texts. They address the role of women in the Christian church, then and now.