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Last updated:  December 2016. (CM)

Meet: Mary Jo Putney

     Meticulously researched settings, complex characters with both internal and external conflicts to move the story along, and an unflinching focus on social issues are all hallmarks of Putney's dynamic, vividly descriptive style.

    Putney's stories are always notable for their psychological depth and for her willingness to tackle emotionally difficult subjects such as addiction, capital punishment, prostitution and pedophilia. The seriousness of the issues addressed in all Putney's novels slows the pace slightly, but readers fall under the spell of her engaging characters and provocative storylines, turning pages to discover the outcome.

   Putney chose to set her series of three Contemporary Romances in the U.S. (on both coasts) and the British Isles.

    The Regency Romances are set in London and the English countryside; some are novellas and found mostly in anthologies.

    Putney's Historical Romances, which take place primarily in the 19th century, are set all over the British Empire, offering glimpses of the far-away and exotic cultures and geography of India, China, and the East Indies as well as the more familiar settings of England and France.

Bibliography/Series info

 Mary Jo Putney has written seven series. 

If you liked Putney's Fallen Angels series . . .

    If you enjoyed Putney's Fallen Angels series, take a look at these books. . .

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     Do you enjoy a whiff of danger with your romance? And do you like learning something as you read? Take a look at these!

If you liked the Circle of Friends series. . .

     If you enjoyed Putney's Circle of friends series, with its boldness in directly addressing less savory topics such as alcoholism, spousal abuse, capital punishment and pedophilia, then consider these titles.

If you liked the mix of fantasy and romance. . .

     If the mix of fantasy and romance--with a hint of history--appeals, take a look here. 

If you liked Putney's mix of history and locale . . .

     If you enjoyed Putney's stories incorporating historical research and exotic cultures, such as her Wild child, take a look at these books.

If you liked her Dark Mirror series. . .