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Meet: Connie Willis

Hugo and Nebula award winning author Connie Willis is not your typical science-fiction writer. Her stories do not take place in the far reaches of space or on other planets. Instead of being far away in the distant future, they are in the modern world, or a decade or two in the future.

Her characters are usually scientists; smart, curious people with problems to solve. Humor also plays a role in her stories; from witty one liners to slap-stick to mistaken identities, Connie Willis has something for everyone to laugh at.  

If you liked humorous, often chaotic, situations

It is often when everything is going wrong that Connie Willis's protagonists have epiphanies. They discover the missing element or realize that they really are in love. The chaos stimulates thoughts and ideas in the most absurd ways. These titles also feature humorous chaos.

If you liked time travel

In science fiction there is no shortage of time travel stories. If you like time traveling historians, you may also like these.

If you liked time traveling to the Middle Ages

If you liked strong female scientists

Women in Willis's novels are smart and resourceful. Often working in the sciences, they are curious and determined. For more smart women in scientific fields, check out these titles.


Try these movies about science and time travel.