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Meet: Audrey Niffenegger

     Although Audrey Niffenegger is unquestionably best known for her debut novel The time traveler's wife, she has also released two illustrated novels and her second novel, Her fearful symmetry, was released in September 2009.

If you liked the time-travel, parallel narrative. . .

     If you enjoyed the time-travel aspect, with characters from different times interacting, take a look at these suggestions.

If you liked the sweeping love story . . .

   If you enjoyed a novel with a strong love story, (a romantic book, not necessarily a Romance) take a look at these novels.   

In a Romance the reader is pretty much guaranteed that the lovers will live "happily ever after" together. But in a Romantic book, the lovers and readers aren't guaranteed a happy ending. So while Romeo and Juliet may be romantic, the play is not a Romance.

If you enjoyed the parallel stories . . .

If you enjoyed reading two related stories from two different times or characters, take a look at these. . .

If you were moved by a parent's grief . . .

If you were moved by a parent's grief, these novels may move you as well.

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   Take a look at these movies that echo some of the themes in Niffenegger's The time traveler's wife.

Screen Adaptations

     The highly anticipated movie adaptation of The time traveler's wife was released on August 14, 2009!

     Directed by Robert Schwentke, Michelle Nolden plays Annette and Eric Bana stars as Henry.