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Last updated: December 2016. (CM)

Meet: Jodi Picoult

    Jodi Picoult examines controversial topics using 'typical' everyday people who face extraordinary circumstances. For example, rather than an abstract, intellectual debate about medical ethics, Picoult draws readers into a family facing a situation that requires the family and the doctors involved to make difficult, often highly debated, decisions.

     The author is thorough in her intelligent presentation of both sides of an issue and wants readers to feel sympathetic towards characters on opposing sides of a conflict. There are no clearly drawn villains nor absolute conclusions.

Bibliography/Series info

  All of Picoult's novels are stand-alones. So readers can begin with any novel, as they are equally accessible. Most are available as audio books, and many have been translated into Spanish. Her most popular novel to date is My sister's keeper.

Picoult ventured into writing for Young Adults with Between the Lines in 2012.

If you enjoyed Picoult's approach to controversial & topical issues. . .

If you liked Picoult's handling of bigotry in Small great things . . .

If you liked The Storyteller, take a look at these. . .

If you liked My Sister's Keeper & Handle with care . . .

    If the fast-paced drama involving a combination of legal and ethical issues, like those raised in My sister's keeper and Change of heart, appeal to you, take a look at these:

If you liked Nineteen Minutes . . .

If you liked ordinary characters in difficult situations . .

    If you enjoy the focus on everyday people, their relationships with friends and family and the often difficult choices they face, take a look at these titles.

Screen Adaptations

My Sister's Keeper was released on June 26, 2009 in the United States as Picoult's first feature film.

Several other books by Picoult have been adapted for the small screen. The Pact was released as a Lifetime Original Movie in 2002. Plain Truth was a Lifetime Original Movie in 2004, Tenth Circle was a Lifetime Original Movie in 2008 and Salem Falls was a made for TV movie in 2011.

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