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October 2020 

Meet: George R.R. Martin

   George R.R. Martin is an American screenwriter and author of many fantasy, horror and science fiction book. His works include the popular series A Song of Fire and Ice. 

   He is known for his multi-faceted characters and the idea that none of these individuals are exempt from danger, including death, plays a major theme in his popular series. The series A Song of Fire and Ice is considered epic fantasy fiction.

Bibliography/Series info

George R.R. Martin has authored many stand alone novels but is best known for his "A Song of Fire and Ice" Series, which is often called the Game of Thrones series.

A Song of Ice and Fire:

       o A Game of Thrones

       o A Clash of Kings

       o A Storm of Swords

       o A Feast for Crows

       o A Dance with Dragons

       o The Winds of Winter (forthcoming)

       o A Dream of Spring

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