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A professional development guide for Teen Librarians, Teen Liaisons, and anyone else fortunate enough to work with Teens in the Library.

Discord Reports

The 210teenlibrary Discord workgroup tracks a variety of measurable indicators, both quantitative and qualitative, that illustrate the success of the server. These indicators include usage metrics (such as messages sent) as well as anecdotal experiences (such as screenshots from positive interactions).

The reports below provide a glimpse at the 210teenlibrary Discord server's performance during different periods of time as a means to demonstrate how measurable indicators of success can be captured and illustrated for internal and external stakeholders.

There are a multitude of key performance indicators that can be tracked to highlight teen usage of the server.

  • Total and active teens on the server
  • Number of weekly/monthly/yearly virtual activities held on the server
  • Teen attendance at virtual activities
  • Number of messages sent in text channels by teens on the server
  • Number of minutes spent in voice channels by teens on the server
*Total vs. Active Teens

While it is relatively easy to identify how many teens are on the server at a given time, this only provides a small glimpse of how teens are using the server. It is recommended that you determine a defined level of activity for a teen to be considered "active" on the server - for example, sending X amount of messages on the server in the past X months. This will allow you to accurately discuss how many teens have joined the server overall, as well as how many of those teens are actively using the server over a given period of time.