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A professional development guide for Teen Librarians, Teen Liaisons, and anyone else fortunate enough to work with Teens in the Library.

Teen Services Signature

Follow these steps to easily create an email signature in Outlook with the Teen Services Signature Logo.

  1. Save the Teen Services Signature Logo to your computer:

  2. Open Outlook, select the File tab in the top-left corner, then select Options.

  3. Select Mail from the list of options, then select Signatures...

  4. Edit any information in your current signature as needed, or select New to create a new signature. Include your name, title, location, and phone number. Remove any tag lines, mission statements, or other logos.

  5. Place the cursor below the text of your signature, select the Picture icon , and insert the saved logo from Step 1.

  6. If you'd like to always include your signature on any email, select it as the default for new messages and replies/forwards.

  7. Select OK and you're all set!