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Voices of San Antonio

Voices of San Antonio

Voices of San Antonio is a production of the San Antonio Public Library Foundation. It features interviews by Michael Garofalo with prominent San Antonians who have made an impact on the cultural landscape of the City.

Sponsored by the John and Florence Newman Foundation.

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  • Straus, David

Henry Gabriel Cisneros has worn numerous hats in his long career: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, college professor, businessman, author, public speaker, active advocate for the Latino community and network executive. He is perhaps best known as the first Hispanic mayor of a major United States city, serving four terms as the mayor of his hometown of San Antonio, Texas (1981-1989). He was chief operating officer of Univision Communications, co-founded CityView in 2000, currently serving as that firm’s chairman.  He is a partner in the minority owned investment banking firm of Siebert Cisneros Shank & Co., L.L.C., and Chairman of the Executive Committee.