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Voices of San Antonio

Voices of San Antonio

Voices of San Antonio is a production of the San Antonio Public Library Foundation. It features interviews by Michael Garofalo with prominent San Antonians who have made an impact on the cultural landscape of the City.

Sponsored by the John and Florence Newman Foundation.

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  • Straus, David

In his own words - Liberto, Rick

Rick Liberto is part of the fourth generation of Liberto's to manage the San Antonio family concession-supply business started here in 1909 by Rosario Liberto, an immigrant from Siciliy.  In 1909, the family business, Liberto Market and Grocery, sold roasted coffee and peanuts, but as the coffee business grew less-lucrative, the family focused on roasting jumbo Virginia peanuts and selling them at the nearby train station and at the many circuses that came through town.  Perhaps Ricos Products Co. Inc.'s greatest claim-to-fame came in 1976 when Rick's father, Frank Liberto, introduced "concession nachos" to baseball fans at Arlington Stadium.  Their company now produces not only the incredibly popular nacho style cheese sauces, but also nacho and restaurant style tortilla chips, ready-to-eat popcorn, sno-cone syrups, and of course, roasted peanuts. Ricos products can now be found in over 57 countries and across the United States in grocery, convenience and club stores, as well as at arenas, stadiums and movie theaters.