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Voices of San Antonio

Voices of San Antonio

Voices of San Antonio is a production of the San Antonio Public Library Foundation. It features interviews by Michael Garofalo with prominent San Antonians who have made an impact on the cultural landscape of the City.

Sponsored by the John and Florence Newman Foundation.

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  • Straus, David

In his own words - Cortez, Pete

Pete Villalobos Cortez, along with his wife Cruz, created one of the most successful family-owned businesses ever established in San Antonio, collectively known as La Familia Cortez Restaurants.  There are currently five Cortez restaurants in operation: Viva Villa (est. 2015); Pico de Gallo (est. 1990); Mariachi Bar (est. 1989); La Margarita (est. 1981) and perhaps the most famous, Mi Tierra (est. 1941).

Cortez was also the driving force behind the re-imaging of El Mercado/Market Square in the 1970’s and helped to shape it into the tourist destination that it is today.  He received many honors in his life including the Texas Business Excellence Award (1979) and the prestigious National Economic Development Association award (1980).