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Voices of San Antonio

Voices of San Antonio

Voices of San Antonio is a production of the San Antonio Public Library Foundation. It features interviews by Michael Garofalo with prominent San Antonians who have made an impact on the cultural landscape of the City.

Sponsored by the John and Florence Newman Foundation.

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  • Straus, David

In their own words - Kelley, Harriet and Harmon

During a visit to the San Antonio Museum of Art in the mid-1980's, Harriet and Harmon Kelley came to the stark realization that they knew very little about African American art. This deeply affected them both, so much so that they began a life-long mission - some might say obsession - of acquiring and securing art dealing with African American culture. Dr. Kelley is so dedicated to their calling that he once decided against the purchase of a Ferrari in order to use that same money to purchase the Horace Pippin painting "Portrait of My Wife."  The couple's famed collection represents a rare "crème de la crème" of African American art and has evolved over the past 30 years into the Harriet and Harmon Kelley Foundation for the Arts.